Alpha Alpha Chapter at Michigan State University

Kappa Delta

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Michigan State University - Alpha Alpha Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority

"Ta Kala Diokomen" - Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest. 

Our chapter is committed to holding values of true sisterhood and friendship, genuine personal development, and leadership and academic endeavors at the highest importance. The first few years of college many find out who they truly are. Every girl goes through a roller coaster ride of self-growth. Having a solid support system through the highs and lows is extremely valuable. Kappa Delta does not look to change women, or to fit them into a certain mold, instead we hope to see all of our sisters illuminate the unique features that make them remarkable young women.

There are many temptations a college atmosphere can bring. With that being said, Kappa Delta encourages young women to never compromise their own morals to fit in a certain way. Standards are in place which each member is expected to uphold. Our chapter has a strict no hazing policy, with serious consequences. We are proud to be represented as respectable leaders in the greek community.